REVIEW: Keys For The Kingdom

Keys For The Kingdom, a pop punk band based out of New Jersey, recently released a new EP entitled “Those Who Stand Alone”. The EP includes four tracks plus an acoustic version of one of the tracks. While “Can’t Explain”, “To Blame” and “Way To Numb” are excellent in the overall instrumentation, I favored “Where Did You Go”. The unexpected use of acoustic guitar and soft harmonies in this song is what captivated me. This band definitely features their punk as well as their pop side in these four songs.  It can be compared to something off of Mayday Parade’s “Valdosta”. I also appreciated the structure of this EP and how the band showed off all sides to their music by displaying true to heart punk vibes as well as throwing a few unexpected, acoustic curveballs at fans. This band is bringing something new and refreshing to the table of pop punk and if I were you, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to check them out.

Want to listen to this new EP for yourself? Pick it up on iTunes or stream it on Spotify!

While you’re at it, check out their music video ‘To Blame” below:

By Emily Harris

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