REVIEW: “A to B” – Redline Addiction

A to BBased in Washington, DC, Redline Addiction is ready to make your ears happy with their diverse alternative rock sound. Their new double-sided CD, aptly named, A to B, is a lengthy but catchy musical journey. The A side of the CD starts with catchy alt-rock tune, I Beg Your Surrender. It continues with Fall Out Boy-esque song, How To Lose. About halfway through the first side there is a surprise Latin flair found in Ordinary Fool complete with lyrics in Spanish. The rest of the A-side of the CD continues to impress, as each song seems to fit into a different genre. This is a great display of the musical range that the band has as a whole.
The B-side of the CD is equally as catchy as the A-side. In the third track, ‘Chunky, Come On!’, the band shows a little bit of their pop-punk side with a catchy guitar rhythm and upbeat drums. The rest of the B-side continues to surprise and impress just as the A-side had done. A CD like this would draw any listener in. The only negative that I can find in the extreme diversity of Redline Addiction’s music is that it will be hard for them to find a niche. This is also a positive. They will find themselveswith many different listeners from all areas of the music scene. I look forward to seeing the response this CD receives and the response Redline Addiction continues to receive in the future. The scene needs more bands as gutsy as Redline Addiction and I hope we start to see more like them. To visit Redline Addiction’s Facebook page click the album art!

By: Sam Polonsky

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