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Interview: TAUK

1077A band that we’ve had our eye on and have been jamming to for a while now is TAUK. We had the opportunity to ask TAUK keyboardist, Alric Carter, some questions.

AMP: What are all of your names and roles in the band?

Alric Carter: Alric Carter (keys), Charlie Dolan (bass), Matt Jalbert (guitar), Isaac Teel (drums)

AMP: If your band was the baby of two other bands who would your parents be?

AC: Interesting question. Too bad we’re adopted, we never knew our parents.

AMP: If people haven’t listened to you before, which song of yours should they listen to first?

AC: Everyone has different tastes which makes it hard to say for sure. All our songs represent us in some form. “Dead Signal” off of our last album Homunculus has a little bit of everything we do.

AMP: Do you find it hard to connect with fans without lyrics to your songs?

AC: No, I don’t find it hard. The key is understanding your audience and finding that middle ground between maintaining your musical identity and what your fans react best to. There have been fantastic lyrics written to songs, however, melody is what makes those lyrics resonate with the listener. Without melody lyrics are far less impactful and melody is a huge part of TAUK’s sound.

AMP: Do you have any releases planned for the near future? Are you working on anything currently?

AC: We just finished working on our second full-length album called “Collisions” which will be released July 22nd. We really enjoyed working with our good friend Robert Carranza (Jack Johnson, Mars Volta) again and are really happy with the turnout. It’s been a six month process and we’re happy to get the final result soon.

AMP: What is your favorite gear to have with you on tour (keyboard, pedals, etc.)?

AC: I’m a really big fan of my Motif XS8, Hammond XK3-c, and Nord Wave. Despite being made by different companies I’ve found a way to blend the keyboards together to make a broader soundscape. We’ve just started using in-ear monitors and those have been great for our live show.

AMP: Where is somewhere you haven’t played yet that you would like to?

AC: We haven’t gotten out to the Pacific Northwest yet and would love to play Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and Vancouver. Aside from the beautiful location, we’ve been hearing great stories about the cool vibes and the positive reception to live music.

AMP: Is there anything you want to say to your fans or that you want your fans to know?

AC: Make sure check out our Tour Dates and social media pages as we will be touring our new album “Collisions” for the remainder of the year. Also keep an ear out for our tunes on Sirius XM JamOn (channel 29). Much thanks to friends, fans, and family for the constant support. It’s been an encouraging year!

NEWS: From Indian Lakes Premiere First Track From Upcoming Album

From Indian Lakes have premiered their first single, “Sleeping Limbs”, from their upcoming album along with a brand new music video. If this is any indication of what the album is going to sound like as a whole, we can’t wait. This band is going to do big things. Listen to / watch the video below!

NEWS: Young The Giant Release “Mind Over Matter” Music Video

Young The Giant have released their music video for “Mind Over Matter” today. The video definitely makes you feel like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope and into Young The Giant’s own fantasy world. Check it out below!


black and whiteAre you in the mood head bang but still want to feel feminine while doing it? Diamante is the badass chick you need to be listening to. She is a 17-year-old rock artist from LA that is ready to redefine how you think of rock. She recently premiered her music video for her single “Bite Your Kiss” (which can be viewed after the interview) and we got to ask her a couple of questions. Consider this your introduction to Diamante!

AMP: If your music was the baby of two other musicians, who would the parents be?

DIAMANTE: The parents would have to be Kurt Cobain and Gwen Stefani.

AMP: Do you have a specific message you’re trying to get across with your music? If so, what is it?

D: I want my music to be an image of strength, fearlessness, and freedom to be who you are as you are.

AMP: Do you think your young age gives you an advantage or disadvantage in the music industry? (I think you’re kicking ass already)

D: Haha thanks! I would have to say both. It’s more difficult to be taken seriously, as a rock artist especially. However, I definitely have an advantage in the sense that I have so much time ahead of me.

AMP: For people that haven’t heard your music before, what’s the first song they should listen to? // Which song of yours captures you best?

D: “Bite Your Kiss”! It’s the most recent single and it is the start of a new musical direction that I am heading in. I’m really proud about this one because it defines who I am as an artist and as a person.

AMP: Besides your new single, “Bite Your Kiss”, do you have anything else coming up we should know about? Are you working on anything?

D: Yes! I have been busy practically living in the studio basically. I am currently working on an album to be released the beginning of next year! I will be releasing more singles from the album until then.

AMP: Where do you see yourself in a year?

D: With an album released and on tour!

AMP: Any plans to hit the road soon?

D: I see myself touring for sure. It’s been my dream forever to play internationally, and I feel it’s going to be happening very soon.

AMP: Anything you’d like to say to you fans?
D: Thanks guys so much for all the support you’ve given me! Make sure to keep checking the social media on upcoming shows and new music. Love you guys!

NEWS: Rilan Premieres “Chemical” Music Video

Soon to be breakout artist Rilan has released his first music video for his first single, “Chemical”. The creepy yet intriguing and entertaining video premiered on PopCrush earlier today along with an awesome review. We definitely see great and big things headed Rilan’s way. Check out the video with the review on PopCrush or watch it below!